Quintessential Renaissance Farthingale


Quintessential Renaissance Farthingale: Effortlessly achieve the classic conical shape of the Renaissance with our farthingale.

Our Quintessential Renaissance Farthingale has been designed to give you maximum versatility. It has been hemmed to approximately 38” length, the ideal length to fit under any of our standard gown lengths, and has a bottom hoop circumference of 115”, the perfect size for most Renaissance gown styles.  Moreover, the cotton twill ties on both sides of the waist give you maximum adjustability.

A practical piece, the preshrunk 100% cotton broadcloth keeps it cool, light-weight and washable, and the white color eliminates potential show-through if you wear a thin or light-colored Forepart. The four medium-weight hoops keep our Quintessential Renaissance Farthingale light, yet gives you just the right support for our Classic Renaissance Gown. The hoop channels have been hand-sewn closed in pastel-colored thread, to make reopening the channels quick and easy, whether you want to readjust the boning sizes or to remove them completely for machine-washing.

Heavy-weight boning available by request. Please Contact Us for more information.

Machine wash and dry without the boning, cool iron.