Italian Pockets


Italian Renaissance Pockets (Saccoccia): The stylish and convenient Renaissance purse.

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Even Renaissance women needed a way to carry their things.  Their solution, the Saccoccia (Italian for pocket), was a 6-12” long teardrop or oval pocket with a vertical slit, worn tied around the waist.  Ladies wore it under their skirts and reached it through a side opening, while working women often wore it over their skirts.  Pockets were often made of rich fabrics or embroidered.

Look stylish with our pockets, made of silk, velvet, brocade or embroidered linen and cotton.  Each pocket is 11” long and convenient holds your small treasures.

Pocket Fabrics

Sapphire Blue Silk, Linen Floral, Gold Satin, Silver Satin, Pale Aqua Taffeta, Purple Stripe Taffeta, Pale Aqua Dupioni, Brown Dupioni, Green Velvet, Marigold Velvet, Red Velvet, Tan Velvet