Dress Pins or Hat Pins


Hat Pins or Dress Pins: Keep your skirts in place without losing pins! House of Roe Dress Pins include clutches to keep them secure.

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We all know the dilemma: leave your skirts to flap ungracefully in the breeze, or try to pin them and hope you don’t leave a trail of straight pins for other people to step on.  Now, there’s another solution!  House of Roe introduces Dress Pins.

Each Dress Pin is 3” long, giving you ample length to pin through several layers with space at the end for the clutch (not pictured).  A solid shaft prevents bending or crumpling, producing a long-wearing Pin.  And the clutch holds firm to the Pin, giving you dependable use, again and again.

Look chic with a variety of bead choices to match every outfit and every mood.  Can also be used for hats.

Sold as pairs.

Bead colors

Black and Antique Silver, Denim Blue and Silver, Emerald Glass and Antique Gold, Gold, Gold Filigree with Purple Accent, Hearts and Pink Glass, Magnesite and Honey Glass, Multi-Faceted Midnight Orchid and Silver, Multi-Faceted Turquiose and Silver, Peacock and Honey Glass, Peacock Faceted Glass and Silver Oval, Peacock Glass and Silver Filigree, Pearls and Gold, Peridot Glass and Gold, Purple Faceted Glass and Gold Accent, Red Glass and Gold, Rose and Blue Mottle with Silver, Silver and Brown Glass, Tiger's Eye and Gold