Classic Renaissance Gown


Classic Renaissance Gown: Scrupulously researched to give you the traditional look of the 1560s and 1570s, worn at most Reanissance Fairs and events.  This silk and cotton gown is cool enough for summer and also makes a great holiday stunner!

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The Classic Renaissance Gown is the traditional style of gown worn at most Renaissance Festivals and Elizabethan events.  Scrupulously researched to give you the look of the gowns of the 1560s and 1570s, it features a bodice with a low neckline that gently curves up to the center front and an open overskirt to elegantly display your Forepart.

Our Classic Renaissance Gown is made of silk dupioni to give you a comfortably lightweight and cool gown.  A plush cotton velveteen hem gives the overskirt the necessary weight to hang correctly without adding a lining that would make the gown warmer.  The overskirt conveniently closes in front with a pair of hooks and two pairs or bars set at two different lengths to give you the flexibility to adjust your skirts for those days you want the fit a little more roomy.  The overskirt is also remains separate from the bodice for easy storage.

The bodice is lined in multiple layers of preshrunk 100% cottons to give it the necessary body and durability, while keeping it breathable.  Fully boned with steel boning, it also eliminates the need for a corset under the bodice, helping to keep you cool and comfortable.  The center back-lacing gives you increased adjustability for fit as well as for easy dressing.

Lacing strips under each strap allow you to detach or change your sleeves as desired, maximizing the looks you can achieve with this gown.  This lacing strip includes large grommets to provide ample room should you add aglets to your sleeve ties.  Lacing strips are proven to be durable and long-lasting, but can be exchanged for rings by request.  Compatible with any House of Roe Sleeves.

This gown is designed to be worn over a Farthingale with a 110” to 125” bottom hoop circumference.

Dry clean only.

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Who wants to show up to a party in the same dress as someone else?  We sure don’t!  No two House of Roe gowns are made of the same fabric color, trims and trim design.  While you may meet someone in the same color Classic Renaissance Gown, you’ll never see the same trims and trim patterns on the gown, nor the same Classic Brocade Forepart and Sleeves Sets worn with it.


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