If your questions aren’t answered here, please contact us at House of Roe.  We’re happy to help!

Product Questions

The Gowns in the Classic Renaissance Collection can often be made in another color of fabric or a different trim. Additionally, our stock of brocades are constantly changing, so we’re sure we have one in stock that will work for your Brocade Forepart and Matching Sleeves Sets.  All other products in the Classic Renaissance Collection are made from specific materials.

All other clothing collections are made in limited stock and materials cannot be changed at this time.

Changing materials may result in additional fees.

Please contact House of Roe for more information if you require a different color or material.

Absolutely!  We offer complimentary hemming on all Classic Renaissance Gowns and Brocade Foreparts.  Please email us to request this service.

Unfortunately, our other products, including Sleeves, cannot be as easily adjusted.  In this case, please contact us to discuss your options.

Who wants to show up to a party in the same dress as someone else?  We sure don’t!  No two House of Roe Gowns are made of the same fabric color, trims and trim design.  While you may meet someone in the same color Gown, you’ll never see the same trims and trim patterns on the gown, nor the same Forepart and Sleeves Sets worn with it.

Have you ever bought an item of clothing and wondered who had worn it before you?  Ew!  When our products are pictured on a mannequin or flat, its a product that you can purchase and confidently wear, knowing no one else has ever worn it!